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A fun day with my sister.



Yesterday I had a great day hanging out with my sister, Betina Garcia. We went to lunch, we shopped for jewelry, and we got our nails done.  Spending this time with my sister made me realize or maybe remember that she is my hero.  When we where younger I looked up to her though sometimes we fought she was and is a great sister. If I had to describe her I would say that she is stubborn, but mostly strong, disciplined, hardworking,  and caring. She has seen amazing and terrible things yet still she solders on protecting our country. Recently she has lost a lot of good friends who gave their lives to protect everyone of us. Yesterday I saw my sister cry and I am glad that I was there to hold her and tell her that I will always be there for her just as she is always there for me. I pray the Lord is taking care of those lost solders letting them have the rest and peace they deserve. And I pray everyday that He is with my sister guiding and protecting her while she puts her life on the line to do her job. I hope one day everyone sees her as a hero like I see her.