About Me

I’m Barbara Jean Moline, I’m 23 years old. I was born Dec. 2nd, 1984 in Dallas, Tx. I lived most of my younger years in Garland, Tx. I have an older Sister Tina, who is in the army, and two younger brothers Anthony and Joey.
When I was 12 years old I became very sick. I wouldn’t eat anything or drink anything everything I tried to eat or drink smelled really bad to me. I became very weak and lost a lot of weight. The doctors told my mom that it was just some blood virus and it would go away with antibiotics, but I kept getting worse. My mom took me to the doctors again and this time they did some more blood tests and told my mom to take me to the ER at Children’s Hospital in Dallas. My blood counts were off. My red blood cell count was low, My white blood cell count was really high, and my platelet count was low. At the ER the doctor on duty said what the other doctors said that it was just a blood virus but that I was really dehydrated so they put an IV in me for a few hours.
Earlier that morning I had developed a rash all over so the ER Doctor told my mom to bring me in to the Hematology department the next day. Well the next day just happened to be the day my dad had to have an MRI done at St. Poul Hospital. He had a tumor on his hip. I remember waiting in the waiting room for my dad to be finished I was so weak I could barely hold my head up I lied down under the waiting room chairs.
Finally my dad was finished and we went to Children’s Hospital. I remember going into the examining room and banging my knee on the exam table it was metal and really cold. I had the bruise from it for about a year. We waited for a while then one doctor came in looked at me didn’t say a word, walked out then came back with five other doctors. One of the other doctors told my parents “we are admitting your daughter she is very sick and all the thing she might have are very deadly.” my mom blurted out “Its about damn time.”