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Lupus Flare Part 1: Before the Hospital


As many of you know that have been following  me on Facebook, after 12 years of remission my Lupus has flared up again. Now that I am on the mend once again I thought I’d let everyone know what happened and answer any questions that anyone might have along the way.

I’m going to start out from about a month or so ago when this all started. About mid-September Mike got sick with a cold as such then I got sick and then Nick. We were all getting better when the San Jose Sharks Hockey season started up. I was very excited I’ve been a big fan since last year when I got to go to my first ever game.

We all went to the Home Opener on Oct 3 to cheer on our Sharks, while Tim Cheered on the Canucks. I had fun as always but the next day I realized I may have over done it. I was Coughing really back again and lost my voice. I made a Doctor appointment with my Primary Doctor Dr. Vahamaki.  It was for the following Wed Oct 9th.

On Tue the 8th I looked in the mirror and realized my face was redder than usual I asked Mike about it and he agreed it looked redder. I thought I could have been having an allergic reaction to something so I took some allergy meds but nothing changed, the rash didn’t go away.

Nick decided to go with me to the Doc because he was worried about the rash as well. Dr. V was concerned to and took a few pictures of the rash and ordered a lupus blood panel on me just to make sure. I did the tests and came home the next day at around 9am I get a call from Dr.V saying he is worried about my blood work and is going to talk to one of the rheumatologists in the office right way. My rheumatologist was out on sabbatical so he met with Dr. Kuzis instead and she was very worried and called me saying she wanted to see me at 10:30 the same day.

Having driven in to work that day, Nick had to come pick me up. When we saw the Doctor she put me on meds right way, Plaquenil and Prednisone both common in treating lupus. She also put me on Lisinapril, a high blood pressure med because one of the symptoms I was having was very high blood pressure which is odd for me because for the past 7 years I’ve had test book perfect blood pressure. She had me do some more tests and I went home.

She called the next day saying I needed to see a nephrologist because I was leaking a lot of protein into my urine. So we made the appointment and waited. As we waited I started to feel worse and Sunday Oct 13th at around 10 pm I noticed just how much I was swelling up it was really hard to move around and I was having to catch my breath from the smallest of tacks.

We called the 24 hour nurse hotline on the back of our insurance card and explained what was going on and asked advice on what we should do. They said to call an ambulance right away and get me to the hospital, so we did. They did some test and they agreed that something was wrong with my kidneys but did not admit me because it wasn’t “bad enough” to be an emergency.

We came back home really late and waited for my appointment with the Nephrologist on Tue Oct 15th. When we got to see Dr. Sorooshian.  She was very worried and said we are going to admit you to the hospital. It was already late in the day so no real good could be done that night so she let me go home and prepare to be admitted the next morning at 8 am.

In my next post I’ll talk about what happen in the hospital.  If anyone has any questions for me about what happened to me, Lupus or anything that happened, please leave a question in the comments or on Facebook or Google+ and I’ll answer answer them either in reply or in another article.